UNIweek Den Haag
Duurzaam Diversiteit Inclusive Studentenstad

Independent urban introduction program The Hague inclusive, accessible and sustainable are festival where we not only think about parties, but also focus on The Hague, culture, art, sports, well-being, locals and entertainment. A stage for all stakeholders to show and inform in a fun and effective way the way to students and thus discover the countless hidden gems of our city. This annual festival, with the aim of setting an example for other student cities on their way to a better world, compliance and compliance with the EU SGD, where we as students develop ways to creatively and proactively impact through our values ​​and ethics toward these goals. The first edition of the pilot inter-academic introduction week program in 2019 was a success with over 7500 participants. The marketing campaign was strong and unique, with beautiful images of truly passionate students who are continuing this project for the students of The Hague. UNIweek Introduction Program The Hague

26 Aug - 01 Sept introduction week welcomes all new and existing students from all academic higher education institutions in The Hague to participate in an exciting way at the start of the new academic year. A team of cheerful and success-driven students has come together to complete the ultimate mission of this introduction week, bringing young and bright minds from The Hague and creating the ultimate university experience. UNIweek2021 is organized and fully managed by the core team of an independent voluntary Coalition The Hague Central Introduction Days (HCID), which acts on behalf of all The Hague students who add difference and value to the student community. The power of the project is autonomy; to ensure our integrity and purpose of project. The preparatory work and sub-projects with young people and volunteers are an important part of the process and therefore part of the product. With a view to and achieving the Green quality marks national and international is important to serve as an example for other student cities.

Sustainable inclusion diversity C02 neutral are the fundamental pillars of support, a broad program where, in addition to celebration, the focus will be on The Hague as a city and where there will be plenty of room for culture, art, sports, health, locals and entertainment. This festival will be a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to present themselves in an original and effective way to the new batch of students from The Hague. Here too, as an additional part of UNIweek, the festival is an example for other student cities on the way to a better future for tomorrow.

UNIweek Introweek The Hague wants to bring the connection and meeting between all higher education institutions, city, and the enrichment of student lives together and an accelerated operation The Hague finally becomes a fully-fledged student city after the umpteenth year. Until now, this has not been successful, until UNIweek has been able to set up a successful pilot on its own initiative together with student organizations and platforms in 2019, as well as the first independent urban introduction program of The Hague - HCID. The Hague Coalition Introduction The Hague was born, with HCIID as the umbrella organization of stakeholder triage. Here, the main problem and disadvantage of coordination and consent due to hierarchy and bureaucracy is to improve to effective and efficient further development of the now urban introduction. UNIweek as a link between triage student, city, municipality and institutions. Positive connection and knowledge of culture where city pearls culture art city and sea are discovered and in the greater involvement of students in the Hague economy.


The secondary objective: Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusive Student City Important to us are pillars that guide the process and the annual development of the urban introduction program. So contributing for our future student also starts now. EU SDGs are, among other things, leading to a better world.


UNIweek priority and importance Last year because of COVID-19 and little social contact or limited in their mobility and what the actual student experience. This brings with it mental health problems, where students isolate themselves, a loneliness largely controlled. With recent published study, 80% of student appears to be unhappy, and that is certainly understandable with all the pressure they have had to endure. Hence, it is imperative to keep meeting, to keep greeting, discovering, and mentoring opportunities that students have and where they feel together, and connection with similar fellow students through dialogue communication takes participation into the start of new academic year. To be open to each other's culture and to show everyone's own culture and origin. Inclusion of all stakeholder is one of the norms. Every stakeholder can make their contributions to the intro program in The Hague and they are not mandatory, we believe in collaboration by combining various knowledge and skills, we invite everyone from students, entrepreneurs, municipalities or educational institutions to make their contributions to the student. The first days are decisive in the future of the student. We try our best to give students a positive start. A positive start has shown that it contributes to fewer first-year dropouts and multi-year success. The example starts with us as students and volunteers who contribute to UNIweek, which is why it is also our duty to most sustainable, diversity, and inclusive development in a tangible, measurable and exemplary role. By obtaining the green quality mark and EU SDG, we will make it tangible for everyone (green keys, EU SDG approval). We want to set an example for the rest of the student cities in the Netherlands, and a positive platform where knowledge, communication and implementation will focus on this.


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